This is the way...

Team Ministry is the way we do the great thing God has called us to do at TC.  It takes a lot of people to do what we do every week.  We strongly believe God has uniquely gifted everyone to serve the cause of Christ in the church and world.


Finding your POWERSPOT is absolutely essential to fulfilling God’s purpose and plan for your life.  There are so many ways for you to get involved that will radically change your life and turn the hearts of others towards God.


Get connected today!  Choose from the 4 main areas below.  The times and levels of commitment vary ranging from weekly, biweekly, monthly to even yearly depending on the event and ministry service opportunity.

Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday

Guest Services

Guests Services is how we welcome, inform, and serve every person who attends one of our churches. Providing a remarkable experience for our guests depends on a number of factors: volunteers, leaders, signage, facilities, and the overall “feel” of the church. Our goal, in every interaction with guests, is to exceed their expectations of hospitality.



Our goal is to demonstrate God’s love to your child in the early years of his/her life. Our nursery workers embody Christ’s love through play, engaging bible study, exciting activities, and heart-shaping music. 

Just for Kids!

TC City Kids

To introduce children of all ages to the person of Jesus, not merely as an historical figure, but as their Creator, Savior, and Friend.

To impart in them a wonder and awe towards Jesus.

To bring them a love of Jesus to make them want to be like him.

Creating Efficiency for Effective Ministry


You have several places to park around the main building that are labeled lots A, B, C, D, & E.  Parking Lot A is located immediately off 5th Street and the best place to park for families with small children.  You can also park behind the main facility in the huge fenced lot (D).  Follow the arrows to the sanctuary and look for the large Templo Calvario signs over the main doors.

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